LIZ MARLANTES, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: On the other hand I would say, you know, he still runs the bigger risk if in fact what he’s saying comes true. If people, you know, find that they can’t make their flights because the lines are so long, and that sort of thing. And that’s still, that’s still the bigger risk for him.

MICHAEL DUFFY, TIME: He’s played it like a Strad, and he’s going to, a Stradivarius. He’s played it like a fiddle, and if he gets into trouble, he’ll just take control of whatever agencies need to be and say, “We’re going to do this because I’m the Commander-in-Chief, and we’re going to make sure the trains and the planes are on time.”

MATTHEWS: Does he risk looking like Nero since you made the fiddle metaphor here?

DUFFY: I don’t think so. There’s such an absence of leadership that he has a lot of room.