Jim Pinkerton, contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine, said that Ed Henry‘s message that this was “about transparency” and not about golf, was lost on most of the “mainstream media” because of Henry’s affiliation with Fox. He added, “the mainstream media are so ‘Obamaphilic’ that they just clobbered the White House Press Corps for daring to ask questions.”

Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers agreed with POLITICO’s assessment that President Obama is a “puppet master” who “only wants to talk to people who aren’t going to give him tough questions.” For that reason, Powers said Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace “should be be proud that the president won’t go on his show at this point. What it says, is he only goes on shows of people that go easy on him and so that means these other people who call themselves journalists should start asking ‘why is the president so willing to come on my show so often?’”