American voters are still divided over the top priority in dealing with the issue of illegal immigration. While 43 percent say it’s securing the border, almost as many — 41 percent — think it’s more important to deal with illegal immigrants already in the country, according to a Fox News poll released Monday.

Views today are virtually unchanged from two years ago. At that time, 43 percent of voters said secure the border first, while 42 percent said focus on undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S. (March 2011).

Despite illegal immigration being a hot topic in Washington, it is not only low on the list of things worrying voters, but also, concern has decreased significantly over the past three years. Some 60 percent say they are extremely or very concerned about the issue, down from 71 percent in 2010. Far more voters are concerned about everything from the economy (89 percent concerned), health care (85 percent), and education (85 percent) to government spending (84 percent), the job market (84 percent) and the federal deficit (80 percent).