Wait, never mind, too late for that. The art critics – and the liberals projecting onto Bush the guilt they think he ought to feel — have already pounced.

“A Freudian will have to tell us why the water is running in both pictures. Private baptism; trying to get clean; infantile ecstasies; purification rituals?” writes Jerry Saltz at Vulture.com.

“Even in the quiet inner sanctum of the bathroom, where a man is just a man, George W. Bush cannot escape his past,” Clare Malone writes in The American Prospect.

“Bush, slightly hunched, is standing out of the water, staring off into the corner of the shower, as if contemplating past sins that can never be washed away, no matter how much soap you use and how hard you scrub,” writes Dan Amira at New York Magazine.

“If you ask me there is something of a simple allegory to the moments chosen here: the discredited former leader trying to wash himself clean of the long failure that was his life,” writes Miles Klee at blackbookmag.com.