“Clearly he’s trying to have a conversation with the American public about his weight issue, and I think the first person he needs to have that conversation with is himself,” the GOP operative added. “He just needs to understand that if he kind of moves toward maybe running for president, that’s the conversation people are going to have and the first person that needs to be comfortable with that conversation is him.”

Ed Rollins, Huckabee’s general consultant in that race, thought it was a mistake for Christie to continue drawing attention to it.

“He keeps raising the issue,” Rollins said, noting that Huckabee did something similar by publicly celebrating his own weight loss after a doctor told him he had to because of diabetes, thus assuring follow-up stories when he started gaining weight again.

“There’s no doctor [who’s] basically going to say, ‘You’re in perfect health,’” Rollins said. “It doesn’t work when you sit there eating a doughnut … [it’s] just a reminder of how fat you are.”