4. The GOP doesn’t have a woman problem; it has a single woman problem.

Romney won married women by 7%. In 2008, Obama won them by 4%. In 2004, Bush won them by 11%. And, in 2000, Gore and Bush tied among married women.

In all of those cases except for 2000, married women voted more Republican than the electorate at-large.

So clearly, the GOP’s problem is a single voter problem; not a married voter or female voter problem.

Obama won single women by a massive 67%-31% margin, but single women are simply much more liberal, and why would they suddenly jump to the Republican party just because of a shift on abortion when single women have greater sympathy for most other Democratic causes?

Thus, shifting on abortion doesn’t seem likely to help the GOP with single women (who are a core Democratic constituency for many reasons and on many issues).