Rogers was asked about the talking points U.N. ambassador Susan Rice relied on five days after the assault on the U.S. consulate. Those talking points portrayed the terrorist attack that killed four Americans as a “spontaneous” episode of violence that grew out of a demonstration against an anti-Islam film. There never was any demonstration in Benghazi, however, only a terrorist attack.

Did the intelligence community simply give Rice the wrong information? No, Rogers claimed.

“The intelligence community had it right, and they had it right early,” Rogers said. “What happened was it worked its way up through the system of the so-called talking points, which everyone refers to, and then it went up to what’s called a deputies committee … that’s populated by appointees from the administration.” …

The talking points, “in other words, the narrative of how we would call this event, went up to what’s called a deputies meeting,” Rogers said. And “no one in the professional intelligence community could tell us who changed what.”