Longtime Wall Street Journal arts reporter Paul Levy is unapologetic for his contributions to Obama’s campaign.

“It’s very simple: I think Romney is a dangerous religious freak whose election will cripple America,” said Levy, who has donated $225 to Obama this year. Levy says his political donations don’t pose a conflict of interest because he doesn’t write about politics.

The Wall Street Journal’s political and civic activities policy states that “all news personnel … should refrain from partisan political activity,” including “making a financial contribution to a candidate’s campaign.” Journal spokeswoman Ashley Huston described Levy as a “freelance contributor,” not a salaried staff member, and declined to discuss his political contribution.

Gersh Kuntzman, the New York Daily News’ deputy managing editor for news, gave the Obama Victory Fund joint fundraising committee $250 on Sept. 27. Kuntzman declined to comment for this story.