To some readers it may come as a shock to learn that the left owns and operates all of the most significant news sites such as Yahoo, MSN, Google News, and Wikipedia. The news side of the web is also dominated by the online presence of big-time traditional players such as CNN, the New York Times, ABC, and Politico.

The left dominates the social media scene as well. While it is true that some on the right have been able to use Facebook and Twitter effectively to push messages and spur activism, the ownership and top management of both companies lean hard to the left.

This has very real consequences such as the deep financial and technological collaboration that Facebook freely gave to the Obama presidential campaigns and the continued bias that Twitter demonstrates by directing new users to follow left-wing celebrities and politicians almost to the exclusion of their right-leaning counterparts…

Unfortunately, the right’s power elite has completely failed to understand the import of this situation. Too many conservatives think that because they have Fox News and a handful of major talk shows and websites, somehow the power of the liberal mainstream media is no longer relevant. Because they don’t care what’s in the New York Times they think the Grey Lady has become inconsequential.