Simply put the Iranians want an agreement in principle to talk with the Obama Administration after the election because they know what to expect from them. This is, after all, the administration that attempted to initiate “hot dog diplomacy.” Frankly, it did not work. This is also the administration that is carrying a soft stick. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last month with respect to Iran, “We’re not setting deadlines.”

The Iranian regime might believe America to be the Great Satan but the Obama Administration is the Devil they know. Iran knows it can obfuscate its way through talks with the Obama Administrations as it has with the EU3 (Germany, France, and the United Kingdom). Iran also knows the Obama Administration won’t stop them from building a nuclear weapon and using it. But Iran has no such assurances from Mitt Romney and if he is elected then all bets are off.

In other words, Iran fears Romney.

Why else would Iran want to know with whom they would be negotiating?