In an interview with Fox News Latino hours after Longoria’s Twitter controversy, Rodriguez said that while Longoria and Perez have a right to support any presidential candidate, they do not have a right to “strike below the belt and be mean-spirited” in attacking Romney.

“If I said mean-spirited things about President Obama I’d be called a racist, a bigot,” Rodriguez said.

He says Perez and Longoria are part of the rich Hollywood elite, and that it is hypocritical of them to blast Romney as an out-of-touch rich man.

“Rosie Perez is not poor,” he said. “They’re a lot richer than I am.”

“They don’t know the issues, they don’t know anything about foreign policy,” he said. “I’ve been to Afghanistan, I’ve served my country. I’m not some someone who’s lying around my Hollywood pool and thinking about how I can get some publicity.”