5) “Those People”: These are classic ethnic controversies. Last night on “60 Minutes,” Obama said that when it comes to Americans’ national security, he will “do what’s right for the American people” and block out any noise that’s out there.” So he hates Israel. Don’t follow? I’m not sure the Romney campaign does either, but if you talk about the world and don’t praise Israel, you only have yourself to blame.

During the 2008 primary, when I worked for Hillary Clinton, the Obama campaign circulated a list of questions for reporters to ask regarding Bill Clinton’s business practices. (The president would later refer to the document as a “hit job” on him.) Reporters, to our consternation, couldn’t have cared less about the insult to the last Democratic president.

But it was the second page of the document that would become temporarily famous. It referred to Senator Clinton’s alleged connections to India, dubbing her “Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab).” Obama had to reassure his Indian-American supporters that it was a mistake, and vowed thereafter to reform his internal campaign procedures to make sure such egregious offenses would never occur again.