The delta between the world as Obama and his legion of fanboys describe it and the world as it is grows more spectacular and more impossible to sustain by the day.

Which is why stories about surreptitious videos and of Romney’s campaign being on the precipice of destruction from internal tension and fights over strategic messaging are missing the most important point: there’s only one campaign at real risk of destruction right now, and it belongs to Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney is running against Barack Obama.

But Barack Obama is running against Mitt Romney, and against a domestic economy in almost existential peril and from an Arab world sinking into chaos and darkness from Algiers to Aleppo, and from two of the world’s economic superpowers about to start a hot war in the Pacific and from his “good war” in Afghanistan warming up to become a genocide at the hands of the Taliban as American troops inevitably withdraw, their decade of sacrifice and heroism squandered.