The vital context here is Obama’s decline among white voters. This week, the Rasmussen poll finds him winning the support of just 35 percent of likely white voters, compared to 43 percent support from whites in 2008. Obama might be able to make some of this deficit up with an improvement in the Hispanic vote, but liberal pundits have been overstating its importance for a decade. In the last 10 years, the Hispanic share of the electorate has increased by only about 1 percent, and Republicans have consistently won at least 30 percent of that vote.

So, Obama really needs African Americans to come through for him about strongly as they did in 2008. Right now, that looks like a questionable proposition, which may help explain Biden’s remarks this week

Moving forward, we should expect more of the same from the Democrats. In 2008, it was “hope and change” that brought African Americans out in record numbers to back President Obama. This year, such rhetoric would obviously ring hollow, so the Obama-Biden Team is apparently hoping that fear mongering will have the same effect.