Last week, on one of my trips to Delmarva, I spent some time in Rehoboth. I went to restaurants, bought books, hung out on the beach. It’s a guess, but I’d say there is little doubt that some of my money went to gay business owners. And although I am a Catholic who believes in my church’s teaching about sexual ethics, it’s OK that my money went to people who may have in turn sent some of it to Barack Obama.

Because this is the difference between the left and sensible America. To the left, particularly the secular left, there is no corner of life that is untouched by politics. There is no quiet moment when it is just you and God, or place when you can lay down your sword and breath easy for a few moments. The world needs perfecting, after all. And people with self-esteem problems need validation. So everything you do, everyplace you go, is part of the struggle. There is no moment of true understanding when you say: yes, I disagree with this person, but they are made in the image and likeness of God, and I honor that before our different views (even as I fight for the rightness of my views). Besides, I’m feeling peaceful, I’m at the beach, I want some fries, and pretty much the last thing on my mind is that I am giving my $4.50 to someone who wants to marry his boyfriend.

There can be no such respite for the left. Because any challenge to the orthodoxy of absolute platonic tolerance–which actually amounts to validation and celebration–and creating heaven on earth is an assault on the fragile psyches of the people who are demanding that Chick-fil-A must fall. It amounts to saying they have no virtue, because the only virtue the left recognizes is the virtue of tolerance, which in their hands has become the epitome of intolerance.