Put another way: Because Obamacare already messes with entitlements, there is greater urgency for reforming the entitlement system. That is, Obama and Biden are the ones who touched entitlements, and Romney and Ryan are coming in to fix them.

There is more to the story. The coming debate over Medicare feeds into the larger theme that Team Romney has clearly been developing — and it gets to why I think Silver and Crowley are wildly off base.

Romney has been hinting at this message for some time: Under the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States has fallen into decline. The entitlement problem hasn’t just remained the same; the problems have been exacerbated.

The country needs real changes to restore American greatness. A vote for Obama-Biden is a vote for unsustainability. A vote for Romney-Ryan is a vote for change, and therefore hope that America’s best days are ahead. Or, we might say, Team Romney is all about hope and change — a campaign theme that is known to work rather well!