The key to Obama’s lead in Colorado is Hispanic voters. They like Obama a lot, approving of him by a 66/33 margin. And they strongly dislike Romney, with only 28% rating him favorably to 69% with an unfavorable opinion. As a result Obama currently leads with them by a 2:1 margin, 58/29. Add that to Obama basically running even with whites, down only 48-47 to Romney, and it’s the formula for a strong Obama standing in the state.

There’s also a broad generational gap in Colorado. Seniors support Romney by a 53/42 margin, but young voters go for Obama by a 59/27 spread. When you expand the categories, Romney leads 51-45 with voters over 45 in the state but Obama leads 55-34 with voters 45 and under. That bodes well for Democrats’ long term prospects in Colorado.

Obama’s up 49-38 with independents and he’s also benefiting from a more unified party base.