In other words, a state that declines to set up an exchange will protect the businesses of that state from avoidable and job-killing penalties. This reality has apparently begun to sink in. There has been a noticeable decline in enthusiasm for exchanges among states that had begun work on them shortly after Obamacare passed. North Dakota, New Hampshire, Idaho and South Carolina, to name a few, have abandoned plans to create these insurance “marketplaces.” Kaiser Health News reports that, by the end of June, “only 14 states and the District of Columbia have so far passed legislation authorizing the exchanges.”

So, even after the Supreme Court’s incoherent ruling that Obamacare and its much-reviled mandate are constitutional, there is still hope that the monster can be brought low. If the states simply decline to implement the insurance exchanges, the beast will die. Will Obama and his HHS minions try to avoid this by ignoring the law and try to funnel credits and subsidies through federally created exchanges? Yep. The rule of law, as they have repeatedly demonstrated, means nothing to them. But that’s where the voters come in. This won’t be a problem if the electorate evicts Obama from the White House in November.