There’s no law saying that ignoramuses can’t be successful television hosts. Still, it’s quite strange that no one has pressured NBC — given the standard its own news talent has created — to cut its ties with Donald Trump, when they employ him and profit from him.

The next time Rachel Maddow questions the Romney campaign’s relationship with Trump, the question should be turned on her. Why not criticize her own corporate overlords who do business with him? They surely value her opinion more than the Romney campaign does. The next time Ann Curry badgers a Romney surrogate about the candidate’s ties to Trump, she should be asked, “Are you proud of your employer’s and, by extension, your relationship with Donald Trump?” The next time Matt Lauer dons his glasses and leans forward to ask a Romney surrogate a pointed question about Donald Trump, he should be asked about the big-shot NBC executives who literally begged Trump to stay on for another season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Good luck getting an answer. I’m still waiting for one.