After being shown footage of a campaign speech by Obama, the prevailing sentiment was that the president was a slick salesman, but his words didn’t match his actions.

“I got duped. I fell under his spell. What he’s done with the car industry is the only real success,” said Patrick Allen, a 27-year-old health care consultant, who voted for Obama in 2008. “I feel like I was somewhat lied to.”

“He came in as a wild card… I haven’t seen him do anything extraordinary,” said Kelly Capra, 49, a United Airlines customer service representative who said she’d vote for him if he “could do something huge, like really lower the price of gas.”

Most believed the economy was slowly improving, but not at a fast enough pace for them to justify supporting him again. And several expressed concern that the economy could again head into a freefall, opinions shaped by the pessimistic economic reports in recent weeks.

Almost unanimously, the participants said they’d prefer to hang out with Obama over Romney, but no one said that would shape their vote in November.