But as I get older I find there are fewer and fewer people with whom I want contact. More often than not I want to be left alone and signing up for Facebook isn’t exactly conducive to my Garboesque moods. What I particularly don’t want is to be approached by people who only made my acquaintance when I was younger because they wanted something for me other than friendship and now wish to renew acquaintances with me because they want something else from me other than friendship. I have spent good part of my adulthood forgetting many of the people from my childhood and I want them to stay forgotten.

Yet like most human beings I am full of contradictions. While I want to be left alone I also want company. However, I suspect if I were to sign up for Facebook and reach out to those select people I fear my friend requests would be overwhelmingly rejected. If I am going to be told to get lost I would rather it be to my face than in the impersonal anonymity of cyberspace.