One of the most annoying parts of running for president for guys like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama — men who are not natural back-slappers like Bill Clinton — is that they have to pretend to be interested in all the terrible ideas offered by the rich guys who donate tons of money to their campaigns. One of the most annoying things for political consultants who want to destroy the competition is that some squeamish politicians and their families are reluctant to go nuclear. The super PAC solves both these problems. Rich guys get an outlet for their ideas, and consultants get the creative freedom to say and do whatever they want.

“If you’re a top consultant today, you’d much rather have a presidential super PAC than a presidential campaign,” Matt Mackowiak, of the super PAC Let Freedom Ring, tells The New York Times’ Nicholas Confessore. There are no rival staffers to fight with, no candidates to answer to. Several other consultants told the Times just how awesome working for super PACs can be, including Fred Davis, the guy who created the proposal for a $10 million ad campaign attacking Obama for connections with his former preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The rich guy who planned to finance it, Joe Ricketts, disavowed the ad’s storyboard once it became public.