This is all a very sad commentary on the modern Democratic party. Remember that it was founded by General Andrew Jackson – “Old Hickory” as they used to call him – back in the 1820s to fight political privilege, on behalf of the “humble members of society,” as Jackson called them. Old Hickory was a straight shooter if there ever was one, and he hated the idea of the government playing favorites.

But all that began to change about 80 years ago, when President Franklin Roosevelt transformed the Democratic party from a largely Southern and rural coalition into a mostly Northern and urban one. To do that, he started using the power of big government to buy off special interest groups, like the big city machines and organized labor.

Over the ensuing decades, later Democratic presidents followed in his footsteps, adding African Americans, government workers, environmentalists, feminists, corporations, gay rights groups, trial lawyers and more into the party as loyal interest groups.

But starting in the late 1960s, there were just too many mouths to feed – no longer, it seemed, could the Democratic party take care of its client groups and tend to the public interest at the same time.