One prominent business official, who asked not to be identified, put it this way: “It’s demonization of capitalism. And that makes a lot of Democrats uncomfortable and Cory Booker’s one of them. … I think that anybody with half a brain knows that the story is far more complicated and in fact Bain and private equity generally have made some positive contributions.”

“You know, they’re known as a very good company,” one Democratic operative said of Bain. “[They] help a lot of businesses around the country. Smart Dems don’t want to be anti-business.”…

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, continued dominating the latest in its string of mini-news cycles with the comments from Booker and then his YouTube walk back of his indictment of the Bain critiques on “Meet the Press.”

One Democratic operative wondered aloud whether “he was sending signals using finger-taps or blinks” as Booker delivered a message he appeared to have been pressured into. Obama insiders denied pushing Booker to apologize.