Indeed, the only people who appear enthused are the handful of mega-donors, bundlers, lobbyists, hedge fund managers and inside-the-Beltway powerbrokers now cutting deals, funding ad wars and propping up weakening primary contenders through massive cash injections.

Mitt Romney’s negative rating, for example, vastly exceeds his positive. Roughly 50 percent of voters view the former Massachusetts governor unfavorably in the most recent ABC News/ Washington Post poll, while only 34 percent are favorable. Voters have no clear sense of what Romney stands for, what his administration will mean and why his candidacy is at all relevant to the electorate’s deep-seated and systematic angst and fear about their economic futures…

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama acts like a political short order cook – doing and saying whatever it takes to get reelected, with no vision for why his second term will be different than his first.

Having abandoned Simpson-Bowles, the president has proposed no serious budget to address our national problems – and is now substituting campaign attack politics for constructive solutions, using tough sounding speeches, rank populism and political soundbites. Populism has become the substitute for policy as Obama demonizes Big Oil, Wall Street and the banks, the Supreme Court and just about anybody who doesn’t support his candidacy.