Rumors that Zakaria could receive a high-level post in the Obama administration have persisted since before the 2008 election, when Zakaria himself admitted he was “flattered” to hear his name bandied about as a potential pick for Secretary of State.

Speculation has only increased over the years, as Zakaria and Obama bonded over several face-to-face sit-downs and powwows about critical world events. It has even been reported that the president phones the CNN talking head to get “wisdom and advice about issues around the world.”…

With Zakaria at the helm, things could get “incredibly dangerous” at Foggy Bottom, where the State Department is headquartered, said a senior GOP Senate aide.

“The policy of Barack Obama is to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Fareed Zakaria is now to the left of Barack Obama on Iran. There’s no way someone like that is qualified to be Secretary of State,” said the source.