For the time being, said Gingrich biographer Craig Shirley, “the only downside for Gingrich is quitting.”

“His options are, A, he’s the nominee; B, he’s not the nominee but he’s a major presence at the convention and gives a dominating speech; C, Romney’s the nominee, loses to Obama and Newt’s a major presence in the party,” said Shirley, a public-relations executive and Ronald Reagan biographer whose firm is doing work for Gingrich. “There are three or four options for Gingrich and they’re all good.”…

And while Gingrich has the opportunity to become a “wise elder statesman voice on the future of the party,” Holtz-Eakin said, “he’s just not, in many people’s views, the right guy to govern.”

“He can’t just go back to what he was doing before because one of the things that the campaign has clarified is, it wasn’t clear whether he was giving his ideas or his clients,’” the conservative economist argued.