But there’s a problem in this national-media based strategy: the national media’s interest has begun to wane.

Romney’s volume of news coverage has begun to far outstrip Gingrich’s this week, with 67 percent of news stories in the week leading up to Feb. 6 being at least a quarter about him, and just 48 percent being at least a quarter about Gingrich, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. And, following Gingrich’s string of primary and caucus defeats, the tone of his coverage took a sharply negative turn – 41 percent of it was negative in the past week, and just 24 percent was positive…

But the reporters covering him now seem a little baffled by his current media strategy. He has been getting good crowds at most events, but when he gets there, deviates so little from his regular stump speech that reporters are left scraping for anything to write about.

“Today they were desperately trying to figure out whether a few things he said at his stop in Cleveland were new,” said a reporter on the trail with Gingrich on Wednesday. “They were searching for the tiniest thing. He made a comment about Iran and about liking a Super Bowl ad, and they were all a bit deflated when they then went back to the archives and found that he had said that before.”