In truth, almost all of Obama’s money comes from big donors. The Democratic National Committee, which pockets most of the money when Obama speaks at high-dollar fundraisers, raised more than 85 percent of its money in December from donors who have given the DNC $10,000 or more.

Individual campaigns are limited by law to $5,000 from each donor. Of all the itemized contributions in last year’s fourth quarter to Obama’s campaign committee, Obama for America, 79 percent came from donors who have given the campaign $1,000 or more.

So Obama’s cooperation with a super-PAC does not reflect any dramatic shift away from big donors.

Welcoming corporate money into the Obama re-election effort is not a huge change, either. For instance, Perennial Strategy Group, is a K Street “government relations” firm incorporated as a limited liability corporation. Until last summer, Perennial was registered as a lobbying firm. In December, Perennial, as a corporation, gave the maximum $35,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, which distributes its money between Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee.