At the Beacon Drive-In Sunday afternoon, Stephens listened to Rick Perry talk about his faith in Jesus Christ and how Texas, where Perry is governor, is the “most competitive state in the nation” — two things Stephens liked to hear. But with Perry at 5 percent in the polls, Stephens is troubled.

“Every vote you take away from somebody who could actually beat Romney is a vote for (Romney),” said Stephens, of Spartanburg. “That’s why I’m undecided.”…

Jane Morgan, a 43-year-old stay-at-home mom, sees the comparisons to Fred Thompson — and it scares her.

“We were Huckabee supporters. We feel like Fred Thompson ruined it for Huckabee. He would be president of the United States right now if it Fred Thompson had not messed up,” she said while waiting for Santorum to speak at Stax’s Original Restaurant. “Anybody still supporting Perry right now is doing it out of loyalty to him. … (Voters) know in their heart he is not a true contender in this. They need to go ahead and vote for Rick Santorum. Because if they loved Perry, they will love Rick Santorum even more.”