The opposition points to two short snippets of video uploaded to YouTube to back their claims that the crimes were set up and that evidence was being planted — even though their authenticity cannot be verified. In a 13-second clip allegedly from Syrian state TV and broadcast on Lebanese and other Arab news channels, the camera moves inside a small mini bus, an apparent target of the Midan blast. Its light gray seats appear unsmeared by blood. A clear plastic Police shield can be seen in the aisle, as well as a black helmet on one of the seats. A hand or two (the men seem to be in uniform) then reach through the broken back window of the bus to place two police shields on the seats. In the next shot, shattered glass is visible on one of the gray seats, which is soaked in blood. A black helmet is then placed on the floor near the seat.

In the other snippet, also imprinted with the logo of Syria TV, a man carrying a reporter’s microphone (only his hand and shoe appears) drops three plastic bags apparently full of groceries near a puddle of blood, before retreating from the frame. The news reader providing commentary freezes mid-sentence unsure of how to proceed.