Other countries, including the U.S. have tried cultivating truffles, with only limited success. It’s the combination of European red soil and rainy summers that produce an especially rich, earthy flavor. The price these truffles command makes hunters act like they’re mining for gold.

Stahl: So this is $1,000? Just right there is $1,000…

And it’s why the hunters value their dogs more than just about anything!

Urbani (with farmers): He said, “I really love my wife, but the dog…”

These truffles will go right to the Urbani factory, where they’re washed, sorted and either frozen or canned – or flown fresh to fancy restaurants like New York’s DB Bistro Moderne, home of the $150 hamburger smothered with truffles. A few shavings on pasta can run you even more. In 2010 at an auction in Macau, this two-pound white truffle sold for $330,000, a record amount.