WILLIE GEIST: Given everything you’ve said, do you think Newt Gingrich could become the Republican nominee for president, or is it still Mitt Romney’s?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I think, and this is my opinion, I think Newt–something’s happened here, by the way–there’s a reason why–remember after Iowa I said that if Mitt wins Iowas there’s going to be a revolt among conservatives?–well Newt is the vessel that people like Sarah Palin and others who want a brokered convention are riding right now. And they want to keep this going. And when it looks like Newt gets a little ahead, they’ll find another vessel. The Republicans–I’ve said it before–they want a brokered convention. And Newt is the next step there. Do you guys think, have you guys heard, has anybody said in the Republican establishment, “man, I want Newt to be our nominee”?