Paul’s supporters come from three main camps: People who want to end the Fed and re-make the monetary system; people who want to bring American troops home from most, if not all, foreign assignments; and people who just want to be free to do whatever they want.

“I want to wake up in a free world,” said Joan Bastek, of Manchester.

“I’m tired of the wars,” said Andre Rosa of Manchester. “I want us all to come home.”

“It’s very simple: free minds and free markets,” said Chandler Gabel, of Bedford.

Those sentiments have led Paul’s supporters in a lot of different electoral directions in the course of their lives. As people waited for Paul to speak, and music blasted through the room — RON PAUL! SAVE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! RON PAUL! WE’RE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP THE FIGHT! — I asked supporters how they voted in the last election. In addition to Andrew Blanchard’s vote for his grandfather, of 15 people I talked to, one voted for Obama (and now regrets it); one voted for John McCain (and now regrets it); one voted for Alan Keyes (and doesn’t regret it); one voted for Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin; three did not vote at all; and eight voted for Paul.