Fake ID in hand, and with a bad case of nerves, Eshaghoff began his lucrative career.

Eshaghoff: As soon as I took that first test, and I went in and I killed it, like my first time ever taking the test for somebody else, I got a perfect score on the math section. It was like, “Whoa, that was easy and that was great. And I’m good at this.”

It was clockwork from there. Over the course of nearly three years, he took the SAT over and over again, consistently scoring in the 97th percentile or higher for the students he called his “clients.”

Eshaghoff: I mean my track record speaks for itself. Like if you know somebody’s so stellar at doing something so flawlessly, without one exception it goes without saying: that’s a reliable service.

Stewart: Were you invested at all in the score you would get?

Eshaghoff: Oh yeah, absolutely. Just like any other business person, you wanna have a good track record, right? And essentially like my whole clientele were based on word of mouth and like a referral system. So as soon as I, like, as soon as I saved one kid’s life…