In an interview Friday, the Utah governor turned China ambassador said bluntly that the GOP had lost its equilibrium in the Obama era but predicted it would eventually return to its bearings — and vindicate his own brand of pragmatism.

“I believe in the ideas put forward by Theodore White, the cycles of history,” Huntsman told POLITICO. “I believe we are in one such cycle. I think that cycle ultimately takes us to a sane Republican Party based on real ideas.”…

What’s puzzling, however, is why, if he’s such a believer in Schlesinger’s cycles, he didn’t stick with his original wager. Which is to say: After it became clear that this wasn’t his moment, why not make a down payment on 2016 by using the last few months be the party’s truth teller?

There was a moment last summer when it seemed like that’s what he intended to do. That was when he garnered gobs of attention for, in the days after Perry’s entry in the race, tweeting: “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”