It’s called the Sociometer, the brainchild of Professor Alex Pentland and his team at MIT. It measures NOT what you say, but how you say it.

“So the first thing is energy. You have to be energetic,” said Pentland. “It shows up in your hands. It shows up in the voice, the way you sort of carry yourself and do things.”

“You talk with your hands a lot. Is that a conscious -”

“If I want to be charismatic I have to be energetic,” he laughed.

And, according to Spencer’s Sociometer, she needs to work on it. Too bad, because high scorers have a real advantage.

Take what happened when Pentland used the Sociometer to measure charisma’s impact on business decisions: “We could predict how well the business plan would be rated, without knowing anything about the business plan, without knowing anything about the person. And the two things that really mattered were, did they sound like they were excited? And, were they very consistent and fluid in how they produced this speech?”