Romney’s frustration with Baier was no doubt a projection of his frustration with conservative primary voters who remain unimpressed by him despite slim offerings elsewhere in the GOP field. Romney upbraided Baier for going down a list of his flip-flops and attempted to correct him in a patronizing manner — “We” need better information, he admonished Baier. Baier had said nothing inaccurate. If anything, his list could have been expanded. Romney accused Baier of listening to “snippets” of Democratic ads. Romney dismissed his reversals on issues like abortion as the standard evolution of any worthy leader, generously placing himself in the company of Ronald Reagan.

Romney sat down for the interview in Florida. Maybe his perturbed state had been caused by seeing Gingrich’s latest poll numbers there. Herman Cain’s implosion has helped Gingrich to surge in Florida in at least one poll.