1. What do you think of President Obama invoking Theodore Roosevelt today in a speech about fairness and the middle class? How do you think about the income inequality issue?

The invoking of Teddy Roosevelt or anybody else is just political theater. … Income inequality is a symptom of a larger problem, an inability to actually get on our feet and compete. We are gummed up because of a broken tax code; we are gummed up because of regulatory measures that have stymied the free-enterprise system. … We can talk about the symptoms until we’re red in the face, but that means very little until we actually get a little bit of leadership that will bring about some serious structural change…

5. You’ve come out with a pretty sweeping bank reform plan. Do voters care about this?

We have a Sword of Damocles hanging over us with these banks that are too big to fail. We are setting ourselves up for disaster if we don’t recognize one of the lingering threats out there. I bring this up in town hall meetings, and they get it. They clearly recognize that we have an ongoing issue in terms of overall risk with banks that are too big to fail. They understand the part about capitalism not being capitalism without failure. That, I believe resonates.