Republicans have, as promised, focused all year on our plan to remove government-made barriers to job creation. In all, 27 bipartisan, House-passed jobs bills are now waiting for a vote in the Democratic-run Senate. One of those initiatives is the REINS Act, passed just a few days ago. It would require Congress to review any new regulation that has a major impact on the economy.

Nearly three years ago, President Obama proposed a ‘stimulus’ plan with the promise it would keep unemployment below eight percent.

It didn’t work.

Because his policies aren’t working, the president has asked Congress to pass legislation that would extend unemployment benefits and payroll tax relief for working Americans.

Next week, the House is going to do that. To help Americans who are struggling in the current economy, we will act on a jobs bill that extends payroll tax relief, extends and reforms unemployment benefits, and cuts government spending. There will be no tax hikes on America’s job creators.