Perry: I Don’t Know Any Iowans Willing to Bet $10G

Rick Perry said Sunday he’s still not a betting man, but the Texas governor is counting on Mitt Romney losing support among Iowans for offering to wager $10,000 in a dispute over his health care record.

“I was taken a little bit a back,” Perry told “Fox News Sunday.” “Driving out to the station this morning, I’m pretty sure I didn’t drive by a house that anyone in Iowa would even think about that a $10,000 bet possible, so a little out of touch of the normal Iowa citizen.”

Romney made the wager on Saturday night at a Republican presidential primary debate in Des Moines, Iowa. The two candidates were arguing over whether Romney ever supported the individual mandate — the centerpiece of the dispute over President Obama’s health care law, which requires every American to purchase insurance. Obama officials say they took their plan from Romney’s health care proposals instituted while he was governor of Massachusetts.