Here’s what people don’t understand: He knew perfectly well what the textbook said he was supposed to do. He didn’t care. It’s not that he wasn’t ready for prime time. He just thinks the way prime time works is pretty absurd, and he was going to do things his way or not at all. And if that meant he didn’t become president, he could live with that. He wasn’t going to make a spectacle of his wife. He wasn’t going to drag his family through more of this crap.

Gloria Cain didn’t force Herman’s hand. It was his decision. She knows he has told the truth throughout this entire episode, and she would have backed him to the end if he had decided to press on. It was gut-wrenching for him not to do so, but he saw that this was killing her, and he never wanted her in the spotlight under any circumstances – particularly circumstances like these.

So he bowed out for her sake. That is the truth.

It’s funny: A lot of the media have “sources” – almost all of them unnamed – who dish all kinds of nonsense about the state of the Cain marriage, who made the decision here, etc. I have a source too. I’ll name him for you. It’s Herman Cain. He told me all this himself on Sunday.