Former presidential candidate Herman Cain told Sean Hannity that he ended his campaign out of concern for his wife, who let him make the decision, but he said that he would continue attempting to change Washington “from the outside,” perhaps through a radio or television show.

“It boiled down to two words: family first,” Cain told Hannity. “I saw the pain it was causing my wife, and I wasn’t going to let that happen.” He explained that he “could have lived with the drop of poll numbers — we could have gotten that back up — but [it was] the pain that it was causing to my wife and my family, and I said, ‘I will find another way.'”

Cain maintained that all accusations are false, and even hinted at some legal response to his accusers. “Without compromising anything that my attorney and I are working on, we’re not done proving or demonstrating [their dishonesty],” he warned.

Cain also addressed speculation that his wife made him end the campaign. “No she didn’t!” he said. “She was going to leave that decision to me.” He said he got out in part because he “knew that because somebody was so determined to knock me out of this race, there was probably going to be more [false accusations] down the road.” He speculated that the accusations were instigated from “both sides of the aisle.”