Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that he would offer controversial former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton the position of secretary of state if he wins the presidency.

Gingrich earned cheers for the choice at a forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, at which nearly all the GOP presidential aspirants appeared separately. Bolton served as President George W. Bush’s ambassador to the U.N. for more than a year but never won Senate confirmation.

Critics described him as hotheaded, and he famously loathed the U.N., which won him conservative fans. Bolton discussed a 2012 presidential run himself but decided against it.

Gingrich’s assertion — “If he will accept it, I will ask John Bolton to be secretary of state” — could run afoul of federal law, which bans a candidate from pledging an appointment “for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.” Gingrich’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.