Mike Mokrzycki, who produced the poll for the UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion, said it is “possible” the results indicate a shift in sentiment against the Occupy movement, but further polling would have to confirm that. The poll, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points, was conducted just days after widely broadcast images of violent clashes between Occupy protesters and police in Oakland.

But the UMass Lowell/Herald poll shows one clear trend — that Americans have a more negative view of the Tea Party movement than the Wall Street protests.

Half of American adults say they have an unfavorable impression of the Tea Party, while just 29 percent hold a favorable view, according to the poll. A total of 31 percent say they have a “strongly unfavorable” view, indicating the intensity of feeling against the Tea Party movement is relatively high. Just 10 percent view the Tea Party movement in a “strongly favorable” light.