Meet Dentist in A Box, the dental emergency kit for the soldier in the field. For basic everyday dental emergencies, this Australian company has created a re-sealable plastic kit approximately the size of a CD (6.3 inches by 5.9 inches) that weighs about an ounce and a half. It can be used for a broken tooth, lost filling or even irritation caused by a sharp tooth edge or orthodontic wire. With The Dentist in a Box Basic Dental Kit, a soldier can tackle these problems with a temporary fix until he can get to a dentist.

Although designed by a dentist, the instructions in the kit aren’t written in dentist-ese — they can transform the average person without dental or medical knowledge into a hero on the basic dental emergency front. Between the step by step illustrated instructions, Dentist in A Box makes dental first aid pretty idiot-proof.

Basically, you rinse your mouth and your teeth before squeezing the stuff out of a tube as though it were toothpaste, and applying it where needed. Once out of the tube, it slowly starts to harden.