Read the whole thing. It helps explain why OWS has not grown. Where were these lower New Class elites (people like me, I confess) when the working class and lower middle class were being gutted? As I recall, we said, pretty much, “Too bad, but that’s capitalism, that’s globalism, guess you’d better retrain for something else.” We had our college diplomas, and we were going to be fine. Except when we weren’t.

Again, I don’t blame the lower New Class elites — my people! — for being pissed off and protesty. I’m just saying that we ought not be surprised when working class people and others don’t rally to our side. The solidarity of the so-called 99 percent looks like a sham to them. Obviously OWS is going to go away, but whatever comes after it is going to have to be led by people who are capable of building a broader base, and reaching across class lines effectively.