“We don’t think we’ll be able to raise as much as Romney,” a Perry strategist told Fox News in a telephone interview. “But we’re working hard at it, and we’ve got people on our team who’ve raised money for Bush, for McCain, for Rudy Giuliani….The problem is the governor is just not a well-known commodity across the country yet.”

The most recent Federal Election Commission records, reflecting data from the second quarter that ended June 30, show Romney light years ahead of the rest of the Republican pack, with nearly $18.4 million in his campaign war chest. Running a distant second is Texas Rep. Ron Paul who, with his legion of committed followers, has amassed about $4.5 million…

Like many campaign analysts, Toner questioned whether Perry can demonstrate similar fundraising talent outside of his core base in Texas, from which he is expected to garner some $25 million.

“If Gov. Perry raises $10 million to $12 million in this quarter that ends on September 30th, I think that will be a very strong showing. He’s just getting into the race, just developing his national fundraising base…But I do think Mitt Romney will raise the most money on the [FEC’s] October 15th report, and that’s certainly been his track record in the past.”