So why are people like Karl Rove and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attacking Texas Gov. Rick Perry for repeating the same truth that Reagan and countless other Republicans have spoken for decades? In his book “Fed Up!”, and then again at Wednesday’s Republican debate at the Reagan Library, Perry rightly labeled Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme.” Yes, it’s a provocative phrase but the Texas governor understands that most Americans have had it with mealy-mouthed political talk.

But instead of supporting Perry’s courage in speaking frankly about entitlements, the Romney campaign wants conservatives to believe that Perry’s “Ponzi” comment automatically disqualifies him from being the GOP nominee. If Republican primary voters buy that argument, it will be a disaster for our country’s fiscal future. The big three entitlements, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, add hundreds of billions to our federal debt every year. And the drain they are inflicting on our economy will only get worse. Why not speak bluntly about this fact?