The most remarkable thing about this case is this: Not only did the DA’s office bring the credibility issues to the attention of the judge, but it seems as if the entire New York law-enforcement community began leaking like a fire hydrant in order to destroy this alleged victim. The media is in full frenzy again, but this time over the takedown of this woman. The New York Post, with a leak from the police, called her a prostitute on its front page. I doubt if anyone has ever seen such a rapid, orchestrated, high-powered trashing by the law-enforcement community of someone whose credibility, along with that of other witnesses and the physical evidence, was enough for an indictment a few days earlier.

It is entirely possible that this woman is not a credible witness, and in the middle of her work day was simply overcome with passion at the sight of this middle-aged man. Or that he offered to pay her.

It is also possible that DSK knows how to choose his victims. We’ll never know, because it’s clear that the DA’s office panicked at no longer having a slam-dunk case. Instead, we have our Frenchman flying home across the pond, the case dropped, and his hometown media now treating him like a conquering hero.